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 New arrival
Dover floating shelves
1.5"T x 8"D
20", 30" & 40"L
20", 30" & 40"L
 New arrival
Dover floating shelf set
1.5"T x 4"D
6", 6", 12" & 24" set of 4
6", 12" & 18" set of 3
 New arrival
Trenton floating shelves
2"T x 10"D
24", 36" & 48"L
14" Trenton Corner shelf
floating shelf floating wall shelf floating shelves
Chicago floating shelf Colorful floating shelf Round edge floating shelf Oliver floating shelf
2" thickness 1 1/2" thickness 1 1/4" thickness 1 1/4" thickness
6", 10" & 12" deep 10" deep 8" deep 8" deep
10", 24", 36", 48” & 60“ long 24", 36" & 48" long 30" & 36" long 10", 18", 24", 30", 36" & 48"
Floating shelf installation

Tools suggested for this installation (not included in this package)

Phillips screwdriver
Power drill
9/32’’ drill bit
  Parts included
  Installation instruction
  Note: Diagram shown may not be an exact representation of the product in the packaging.
Place backplate against wall in the desired position and mark holes with a pencil where holes in the backplate meet the wall.
Note: If you are drill into a wall where no studs are available, use the proper anchors to mount the backplate. Anchors have been provided for this purpose
Using a power drill and 9/32’’ drill bit, drill hole into wall marks. Using a power drill or screw-driver, (for Phillips head screw), drive provided screws into studs (or anchors), securing backplate to wall.
Slide shelf onto backplate.
Note: You may opt to use a level to verify that shelf is hung straight. Align holes on bottom of the shelf to holes on backplate tubes, then drive screws through holes until shelf is secure to backplate.
This shelf system must be installed in studs for maximum stability and load capacity.
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