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 New arrival
Dover floating shelves
1.5"T x 8"D
20", 30" & 40"L
20", 30" & 40"L
 New arrival
Dover floating shelf set
1.5"T x 4"D
6", 6", 12" & 24" set of 4
6", 12" & 18" set of 3
 New arrival
Trenton floating shelves
2"T x 10"D
24", 36" & 48"L
14" Trenton Corner shelf
  Chicago floating wall shelf
floating shelf
  Our Chicago floating shelves include 6", 10" and 12". The length of these shelf ranges from 10", 24", 36", 48" to 60" long.
  They are available in White color, black color, espresso color, walnut finish, maple finish, beech finish and so on. Please click to visit our online store.
  Price for the floating shelves starts from USD15.00
chicago floating shelf

Chicago floating shelf refers to the 2" thick floating wall shelf. With its sleek straight lines and its hidden bracket hanging system, this shelf adds character and elegance to your home. This shelf is available in various lengths, including solid hardware that hides to give the shelf floating appearance. It is ideal for displaying decorative home accessories, books and so much more. They are made from wood or MDF in large variety of finishes including white, black, maple, beech, walnut, espresso, cherry and so on. You can hang several shelves to create library, display and highlight a favorite collectible.

This floating shelf is easy to install in a few minutes, comes with all hardware. Click here to see the installation instruction

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  2" thick Trenton floating shelf
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